You nerds like t-shirts and other apparel, right?

It’s been some considerable time since I last updated this blog but it seems like it’s still getting hits and I am *desperate* to get back in to making more artwork sometime very soon (when I’ve moved house) so I figure it’s time for an update.

I tend to post everything to my Tumblr blog usually (link here) and use this a lot less, so I’m not sure if I’ve ever made a post about the t-shirts I’ve got now and I’m far too lazy to just check my previous posts!


So yeah I’ve got shirts and stuff.

I used to use Spreadshirt and Society6 for all my shirt related needs (they still exist, and have unique designs of their own on there if you’re interested [Spreadshirt Link]/[Society6 Link]), but nowadays I’m all about LiveHeroes.

I did a giveaway on my blog (now closed :P) when I first started up the store as a means of getting free advertisement on Tumblr – and the winner got the above shirt from me for free! The quality of the shirt and the printing is great apparently, which is awesome to hear. I worry sometimes when using these online printing services that it’ll be kinda…not good.

But hey, Live Heroes is the site that Dustrial uses so how could I possibly go wrong?! :P
(One of my designs is a total rip off of homage to the classic Dustrial style.)

I really like the designs I’ve put on there now (most of them anyway) and totally want some of them as shirts for myself. If only I wasn’t so cripplingly poor!

So to remedy that here’s me, begging you fine folks to buy my wares so I can afford to buy them from myself!
Always happy to work with folks on bespoke designs if you have any particular glitchy needs that you want seeing to.

And they don’t just do t-shirts! They do leggings, hoodies, and dresses too!

I really want to get a pair of leggings and just wear them under my jeans so that every time someone is like “So what kind of art to you do?” I can be like “THIS” and just rip off my tearaway pants to reveal the glory underneath.

I’ll take photos if I ever do :’)

Live Heroes have put leggings on the “women’s” category of clothes but let’s be real, we don’t have to adhere to society’s expectations of gendered clothing! I’ve got great legs. They’s suit me just dandy.

Gender roles are arbitrary and weird.

What kinds of clothes/designs would you folks like to see more of?
What designs that I’ve done already do you like/dislike and why?
Let me know in the comments!

Here’s some more eye candy for you, but check out my store for more!





Also, do you guys want me to post more often or have you abandoned me for dead long ago?

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  1. Thanks really useful. Will share website with my buddies.


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