They told me I was mad! Well who’s laughing now! MWAHAHAHAA!

Oh yeah, I’m still setting the world on fire. I’m still powering through glitch art like a freight train.


And it’s still undoubtedly fun. I’ve been using a hex editor a lot more lately to corrupt .jpeg files, among other types, and it creates a more ‘traditional’ looking glitch, if you will. It looks like one would expect a corrupted image to look.


I’ve also been combining a lot of the glitch art techniques I’ve learned together to make my pieces more visually interesting. They’re not the raw glitch, but I really like them. Who says it needs to be a raw glitch every time, eh?

I’ve not created any new examples of glitch art in context for my uni work yet, but I’m definitely making huge progress as far as learning the techniques is concerned. I’ve even gone so far as to half invent my own technique.

I was just sitting there thinking about how the Audacity method works. All it does is change the bytes of the file in such a way that it achieves the sound effect it was ordered to create. Now, I’m no computer scientist, but that sounds very similar to what a guitar effects pedal does? I’m thinking that a guitar effects pedal alters the electronic pulses, and not actual bytes (1s and 0s), but hey I may as well give it a sh–GREAT SCOTT IT ONLY BLOODY WORKS.


Well and truly excited. I love how my brain works sometimes.
All I did was open the images in Audacity as I normally would, then play the sound out through my headphone port, in to my guitar FX pedal/s. They would then go back from there in to my microphone socket where Audacity was recording the sound. Once I’d got the file recorded, I’d delete the old one.

Eh, most of the old one. The file header is rather important, and I’m never sure if there’s something important on the very end of the file either. So I’d delete the entire section in the middle that makes up the image part of the file and it would be replaced with this new ‘sound’ I’d recorded. By all rights, it’s just a sound. It’s not the same bytes as before, it’s just a sound that’s been recorded. But because the old sound was a representation of the image, the new ‘sound’ ends up looking like the image too! …only REALLY distorted!

And I can’t complain! That last file has a bunch of different guitar effects happening at different times during the recording process. That purple/green section is one thing and the yellow section at the bottom is something different. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with.

But that’s not all I’ve been experimenting with!



Oh yes, I’ve been taking a leaf out of Richard D. James’ book and playing around with spectrograph imaging as well. It’s easy enough to convert a .bmp file to a .wav file, what with a veritable cornucopia of free programs out there. And by the same token it’s easy enough to have that .wav file turned in to a graph of frequency vs time – a spectrograph.

Do you think they call it a spectrograph because the .wav files sound like ghosts/spectres?

It’s a really great effect and while each one will pretty much look the same as the last, it’s a great effect to add to the glitch art style. It’s easy enough to add background noise to the images as well to stop them from looking so clean, and this style works really well with the other ones I’ve been using. Like this fine example!

But I haven’t stopped there. No, sir!


I spent some time today looking through Stallio’s work. He’s a great glitch artist, been at it for over a decade, and he’s got a great understanding of how it works. On his blog he’s posted a load of great tutorials for the world to look at and learn from, so I decided to do just that.

He explained how he produced his “Advanced Wordpad Editing” technique and the computer science behind it. Lots to do with adding and removing bytes from particular locations to warp the image, but I’m most interested in manipulating the data so that each of the individual colour channels is warped.

So I went ahead and tried to recreate Stallio’s image below. Below the glorious beardy man, you can see my version. Not quite as crazy, but I’d say that’s a day well spent. At least that’s how I’m validating it to myself!Image

As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot of random stuff. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. I’ve made a truck full of images lately, so here are a few more for you to look at between now and my next post!


If you want to see more of my work then you should follow my tumblr blog :P
I’ll try to get some stuff put up on my website too when I can.

In the meantime though, how about we have some fun?
No not that ki–….okay maybe a little of that kind later. But right NOW why don’t you send me a photo and I’ll glitch/corrupt/databend it for you for kicks! :D

Choose between one of these fantastic image corruption packages who’s names I totally haven’t just made up!

1. Colour Displacement Mania!
2. Linear Distort Corrupt-o-matic!
3. Spectrograph Conversion!
4. Sonic Hemorrhage Super-destruction!
5. Mystery package Mk5

I’m not even sure who read’s this blog, but according to the analytics it gets a lot of hits so let’s see if anyone bites. Send your photos to along with the name of your requested glitch type (pick the mystery one if you can’t decide :P) and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can!

Until then, ciao!

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  1. williamstafford

     /  May 11, 2012

    Someone’s been a busy bee.

    Really liking your output – some of them remind me of those 3D magazines, with the offset red and green images. Perhaps the way 3D looks without the glasses on is something you might want to look at.

    I particularly like the images that are so abstract they almost become landscapes.

    • Yeah, that’s something that’s been on my mind as well. The division of the images.
      I was actually thinking of getting a pair of 3D glasses and seeing if I can make anything that looks good/horrifying when viewed through them. But I don’t like watching films in 3D, so I haven’t got any! >_<
      It's on the back burner!

      • williamstafford

         /  May 11, 2012

        I might have a spare pair, if/when you want some.

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