People are finding your blog by typing “Art Hipster” in to Google. Are you impressed? y/n

So, I figure I’ll give you an update on my work and such. I’ve been working on my A-Z project some more so enjoy some more of that kind of thing! I’ve also been working on my photography, playing around with my film cameras, the lomography camera and taking more photos on the fly while I’m out and about. You can find those on my Tumblr and stuff.

I also bought a 1930s Imperial Model 50 typewriter. Which you CAN still get ribbon for. Which is glorious.

I’ll find uses for this, I’m sure. Just like that microscope. I also really want an x-ray machine. And I read today about a woman who took portraits with a camera that detects the person’s electromagnetic field. That..just…mind blown. I require one. Immediately.

Take that, bank balance!

Again, some good and some not so good but it’s a work in progress. This last piece comes with a huge shout out for Aimee Fitzgerald for making her stock available on deviantart. Entirely perfect for what I wanted to do with this image. It was either going to be something classy like this, or an entirely more vulgar themed alternative!
Click her name and check out her website or Facebook. She’s very talented at what she does, which includes breaking down and recreating classical artistic images. Seriously, take a look!

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