26 Images that Artists will get.

With my university projects handed in and evaluated (I got a 1st, naturally) it’s time to start on my next project. This project is all about making an A-Z. They were pretty open about what we could do it about, but I decided to make it about different artist stereotypes. Things that artists generally do or think, or that people think artists do or think, and a few things that are kind of pieces of advice I guess.

Like this one!



These are the images I’ve made so far. Dark style, a little inspired by soviet propaganda posters, a little inspired by Nine Inch Nails in places (see The Slip album cover and you’ll know why :P). They’re not finished yet, I’m still playing around with ideas and refining the style I guess, but I like where it’s heading.

Whether my tutor likes them at all is another matter.

I like to think that the meaning behind each of the imagery is obvious, but of course I know what it is; I made them. Feedback? I love to hear what people interpret my work as.

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  1. williamstafford

     /  February 8, 2012

    These are punchy and fun. Some have more resonance than others – beware of just illustrating tweets.

    • Thanks! Yeah, the imagery in some of them needs work but I like the concepts behind them thus far. Though I’m probably just subconsciously making 26 dark Art Student Owl memes.


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